I’m wearing rly cute panties


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Confession time, I’ve never shaved my legs before I don’t even know how to shave and when I see posts about girls doing it I’m just like ???

My dad has a LOT of Native American blood in him, like I think from only one generation back, and he can’t grow hair on his body to save his life.

Seriously he can’t even grow a tiny mustache, people used think he was me and my sister’s older brother when we use to go out (granted he had both of us pretty young but he’s like 48 rn and still looks young its creepy)

So I still have like the peach fuzz from when I was born (in which my family nickname derived), and I guess thats not going away but I’ve never like, grOWN hair on my arms or legs

the only hair removal thing I use is Nair and thats just lotion omg 

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