Anonymous: what's ur fave polyship? :o

I feel very strongly about Troy/Annie/Abed from Community I really need more canon polyamorous relationships in the media. I like Stan/Kyle/Kenny(or Wendy) from South Park because I’m super gay for bestfriends all falling for each other.

RECENTLY I finally caught up with House of Cards and CANON THREECHUM man, Frank/Meechum/Claire is really good because of the context? Like it’s not just there to be randomly promiscuous they actually hinted at it a lot and both Claire and Frank really trust Meechum and can’t really vent their sexual frustration outside the Underwood domain anymore AND Meechum is not only loyal as I don’t know what, BUT he’s like the first person that the Underwood’s have that is willing to kill for them; like literally. Like mix all that up when they all started to get intimate together it just WORKED it MADE SENSE

And then Yowapeda, there’s too many and then also Oofuri which I’m watching now I really like

EDIT: ALSO Bravest Warriors the ENTIRE team, read/watch it it’s SO cute

oh sorry this wasn’t the question um, I don’t think I have an ABSOLUTE favorite now that I think about it though because honestly, I usually think about most characters in poly relationships out of habit omg and there’s SO many I think about I don’t even have a mental catalogue 

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